Heritage and Vintage

Smashed ornate cast iron panel

Smashed ornate cast iron panel  

Welded ornate cast iron panel after restoration

Ornate panel restored back to its ordinal glory

1874 Hopper head from achuch in need of restoration

1874 cast iron Hopper head from a church in need of restoration

Hopper head restored back to it ordinal glory

Although the vast majority of our work comes from large market sectors such as gas and oil and water, we still enjoy working on smaller, individual projects.


If it’s made of cast iron, we can mend it for you.

  • Bath feet
  • Benches
  • Cookware
  • Garden furniture
  • Gates
  • Lamp posts
  • Ornaments
  • Sculptures and other works of art
  • Window frames

When major restoration was being carried out at a church.  It was found that the guttering hopper heads were badly eroded and was causing damaged to the stone work.

As the hopper heads were so decorative and ordinal, everyone involved in the project preferred the option to repair rather than replace. This is when they contacted Shilton Cast Iron to repair them back to their former glory.

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