Processes and Facilities

Gas fusion weld repair being carried out on a pump bowl casing

Gas fusion weld repair carried out on a pump bowl casing

Our workshop facilities provide the ideal environment for outstanding repairs. Working with grey iron, all grades of SG iron and Ni-resist (S.2.W), we have the high quality, specialised equipment required for:

  • Electric arc welding (MMA)
  • Gas fusion welding
  • Machining
  • Pressure testing
  • Shot blasting

Large machinery and components can be repaired safely and effectively with our 7-tonne lifting capacity. We also regularly work on-site for repairs to any cast iron item which cannot be transported.

How we do it

We identify the flaws to be corrected within the metal using meticulous dye penetration techniques and magnetic partials test. When inspections have revealed all the areas to be rectified we will use our specialised and precise pre-heating and cooling methods to ensure cracks do not spread further into the structure, protecting it while it is being repaired. Further inspections and pressure testing is then carried out, ensuring the repair is sound. Areas which have been repaired will always be as strong as the parent material, and the new metal will have been carefully matched to the original in every way.

Pump bowl casing being re-machined back to standard size using vertical borer

Pump bowl casing being re-machined back to standard size using vertical borer

A closer look at cast iron

Most people believe one piece of cast iron to be much the same as the next. However, there are many variations within the sphere of cast iron, all of which require slight (yet significant) differences in how they are treated. For example, a fractionally higher or lower temperature or a different procedure of weld or repair might be needed when working with different types of cast iron.

Another common misconception is cast iron cannot be welded. It can! We mend all kinds of cast iron. If the original component is beyond repair, we can create a new one to exactly match it.

We were the first UK company to have its cast iron repair procedures approved by Lloyds Register. In addition, all repairs are carried out to the applicable Harmonised Standard (BS EN ISO 15614-3). All our work is guaranteed for 12 months.

We are proud to deliver repairs of the highest quality, to clients all over the world, in the shortest possible time.

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